Thanks for clicking on this link. We're glad you're interested in working with us.

We recently consulted an Oracle and we were told you would check out this page.

As a result we took the liberty of reviewing your profile on X and already have a good idea that you'll be a good fit.


  1. Why work with us?
    • Free Meals: will not be provided, but we will supply you with pictures upon request.
    • Work from the Casino: at all times. We work remotely, but you must be physically situated in a real life casino somewhere in the world.
    • Career Advancement: Imagine all the titles you can give yourself when there's no actual hierarchy.
  2. Current Openings
    • Chief Fortune Teller: Predict the future of web3. Crystal ball provided. (Must not use powers against the house)
    • Bard: Craft epic poems and ballads about the rise of decentralized casinos. (Must rhyme in all communications)
    • Nutritionist: Advise our team on a balanced diet of digital art.
  3. Perks & Benefits
    • High Salaries: paid for in our own currency that we mint on the fly just to pay you!
    • Team Building Activities: you may play in the casino to test your work with your own hard-earned cash.
    • Company Retreats: We're going to the moon.
  4. What We Look For
    • Large Spenders: in the casino are encouraged.
    • Sorcerers: Use your magic scepter to conjure more users out of thin air.
    • Reality Benders: Change the laws of probability on demand. Our contracts have proven to be fair and now we can't change them.

If that sounds like you we put together this handy guide to make it easy to apply for the position that's the right fit:

treasure map