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DoubleUp x Bucket Protocol's new event Blast Off! is announcing an exciting partnership with Sui Wallet! Starting on 7/10 12:00 pm EST, you’ll receive a complimentary ticket for an exclusive raffle event by playing Blast Off! through Sui Wallet. Don’t miss out! Join the fun for a chance to win an amazing prize! To qualify, simply open Blast Off! through Sui Wallet. Whether you're buying tickets, opening tickets, or referring friends, any transaction will earn you a free raffle ticket! The winners, who will each get a piece of the 5k SUI prize pool, will be announced at the end of 7/17 12:00 pm EST. Through this partnership, we hope to demonstrate the seamless user experience powered by Sui Wallet, all while rewarding our great community! So, if you’re ready to test your smarts with Blast Off!, make sure to check out www.doubleup.fun/blastoff with Sui Wallet during this exclusive event! This offer is provided by DoubleUp, not by Mysten Labs. Conditions for entry and rewards are determined solely by DoubleUp.

We've decided to discontinue this event.

Every week until sunday we will distribute 1K SUI to the top 10 pnl across the games. We recommend to try blackjack!